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Annika Cederbrand, SEB Cards

”Everyone gets real-time feedback”
Annika Cederbrand – Head of Customer Service, SEB Cards
100 employees in the Customer Centre.

When it comes to credit cards SEB Kort is the Nordic region’s largest player, providing services to private and business customers for a large range of card issuers, as well as delivering additional sales. Annika Cederbrand is head of the company’s call center for Sweden and Finland. SEB Kort has worked with Bright Navigator since 2008.

"Basically every single one of the roughly 800 000 calls we receive annually in Sweden is monitored, and all of our employees get real-time feedback. It provides an immediate, stable and constant base for follow-up at every level,” says Cederbrand.

Before collaborating with Bright, SEB Kort worked with a customer focus group, and it would take at least three months to find out if customers were satisfied or not. Because customer satisfaction is so important in the long term Annika Cederbrand would like to see individual Bright Navigator results influence employees’ bonuses at SEB Kort, as well as sales performance.

With more than 2.2 million customers in Sweden alone, it’s hardly surprising that pressure on the call center at SEB Kort can be intense. The challenge for Cederbrand’s team of around 75 advisors is for customers to be satisfied with their call even if they’ve had to wait a long time to be connected.

Every advisor handles calls on the company’s entire range of cards, including various bonuses and benefits. Just keeping track of the different conditions that apply for each of the various cards is a big challenge, says Cederbrand. It is no secret that employees have different profiles and get different feedback. But individual advisors also get the opportunity to learn from each other by sitting in and listening to colleagues:

“All advisors have bonus time they can spend on customer-centered activities. At SEB Kort everyone can take part in, and learn from, each other’s performance in Bright Navigator. We have daily coaching that really counts. As well as that, everyone has a development conference a couple of times a month too.”

With employees staying at the call center for an average 15 years, the level of skills and competence is very high. The challenge is to make time for sales when most customers just want to solve one problem as quickly as possible. Interestingly though SEB Kort recently tried taking away the sales element of calls and scored lower customer satisfaction.

“It is still commitment which is the single most important factor for customer satisfaction,” says Cederbrand. “When it comes to delivering top results commitment counts the whole time.”

In the future she is convinced there will be increased opportunities for getting key performance indicators relating to sales and efficiency in Bright Navigator too.

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