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Carina Hallnor, Telia Mobility

”Customer Service gives us our competitive edge”
Carina Hallnor – Former Head of Customer Service, Telia Mobility
400 employees in the Customer Service.

Telia’s Customer Service Center is one of the largest in Sweden. In the company’s Mobility unit around 400 skilled staff handle thousands of calls every single day. Carina Hallnor is Head of Customer Service and has been using Bright Navigator since 2009. For Telia, world-class customer service is a priority goal, increasing sales and dealing with client issues alone is no longer enough.

“The most important thing is always that the customer is happy with the meeting and was able to solve their issue through the help of a competent and engaged employee. The customer should never have to ring back,” says Carina Hallnor.

Half of all the calls to the Customer Service Center within Sweden are made from a smartphone, which shows how far Telia has come in this area. It’s a strong sign too of the increased complexity of support services. Telia Mobility has experts in everything from Digital TV to specific smartphones and handsets.

Before Carina and her team chose to start working with Bright, number of sales and length and number of calls were all monitored by an internal system. But there was no direct customer feedback on their experience of their meeting with Telia. Nowadays, Telia team Managers use Bright Navigator for extensive work on staff development. The interface has been developed specially to show all customer responses and areas for potential improvement. In Carina’s team those employees who get below-average Navigator points are coached and taught by those who get higher results.

It’s also extremely useful for employees to be able to listen to the recorded comments of customers. Customers who take the time to leave comments are often a little more engaged than the average customer, and most of them are very pleased with their meeting with Telia. It’s also Carina’s aim to extend the range and coverage of Net Promoter Score by using it with Bright to monitor each customer interaction in Customer Service. The combination of customer and employee metrics will provide excellent conditions for creating proactive customer care and more brand ambassadors for Telia:

“Customer service gives us our competitive edge. Our offerings are quite similar to the offerings of our competitors, so how we manage our interaction and relationship with customers is crucial. With Bright Navigator we’ve improved significantly.”

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