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Håkan Jenderman, Ikano Bank

”We want loyal customers, not just satisfied ones”
Håkan Jenderman – Head of Operation, Ikano Bank
60 employees in the Contact Center.

Ikano is a niche bank operating in ten countries without traditional offices. Owned by the Kamprad brothers, but totally independent of IKEA, Ikano provides banking services to both private customers and businesses. Head of operations since 2009, Håkan Jenderman joined the bank after a career at IKEA, where he started out as a restaurant manager. Ikano is all about satisfied customers and has been using Bright Navigator since 2008.

“Availability and short queuing times are important internal goals for us. To be innovative, to think strategically, to be at the cutting edge when it comes to quality and delivering increased value, all these are important parameters. We now solve over 93% of our cases during the first call. Being able to call up customers who for some reason aren’t satisfied will be our next big challenge.”

Ikano was one of the first companies in Sweden to start working with Bright Navigator, in 2008. Before this they worked on benchmarks for a long time with Bright Index. Today every Customer Service advisor is monitored and given feedback, every month, by one of four team leaders.

Ikano is one of the country’s largest card issuers, with a range of 17 different kinds of loyalty and credit cards including the IKEA card. It also offers mortgages to private customers as well as insurance and financial services to companies. Altogether Ikano has about a million customers in Sweden. That’s a lot of different financial solutions to keep track of, with each advisor clearing around 2000 cases a month via phone or email.

For the last couple of years Ikano has had automatic, real-time measurement of its customer satisfaction, which Håkan Jenderman thinks works well. Thanks to Bright Navigator’s built-in architecture advisors can see how customers rate their interaction immediately in real time, so there’s no risk of important moments getting overlooked:

“Every interaction the customer has with Ikano should feel good, no matter which product is being discussed or which advisor is helping them. With the help of Bright Navigator’s customer survey and NPS-metrics we are able to fully monitor our customers’ loyalty. Our goal isn’t just for our customers to be satisfied – we want them to be loyal too.”

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