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Josefin Tifelt, Intrum Justitia Sweden

”World’s best Customer Service tool”
Josefin Tifelt – Former Operations Manager, Intrum Justitia Sweden
70 employees in the Customer Centre.

Customer Service is a key priority for credit and debt management company Intrum Justitia. Its call center of 70 advisors handles a million cases a year in Sweden alone. Collaborating with Bright has resulted in significantly higher status for Customer Service staff, with external clients too valuing Bright Navigator’s continuous real-time monitoring.

With a clearer and better way of following up Call Center interactions Intrum Justitia can focus more on solving the problems of its credit and debt clients and helping them feel more secure. Being able to adapt and adjust the call to the situation of clients with debts is vital says Operations Manager Josephine Tifelt, who’s been working with Customer Service at Intrum since 2003:

“In a broader perspective our work is about positively building our brand with clients. One of our jobs is to speed up the flow, making it easier for clients with debts to settle them as smoothly as possible.”

Every month Josefin’s team handles 45,000 incoming calls. Every client with long-term debt is followed up proactively via the Call Center. Advisors sometimes have to inform callers that tough consequences are going to be unavoidable: legal action, for example, or the cutting off of their electricity. So the ability to be both knowledgeable and supportive is absolutely essential for all staff handling customer contact at Intrum.

“With Bright we get real-time confirmation of how well Intrum is performing around key issues like commitment, knowledge and the ability to help and support people with debts,” says Josefin. “If we didn’t have Bright Navigator we’d probably just run a separate activity a couple of times a year.”

Intrum monitors virtually every incoming contact. This involves every advisor handling 60-70 interactions a day, every tenth one via the web, the rest via phone. The majority of calls are around practical questions, choosing which ones to follow up is carried out manually, primarily as a privacy issue. Advisors get feedback from one of their team leaders twice a month.

Josefin believes that Bright Navigator is already the best tool in the world for monitoring Customer Service, but it doesn’t end there. She thinks further upgrades have big potential, with simplified interface and even more benchmarks.

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