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Maria Bergnäs, Systembolaget

”Every call should exceed expectations”
Maria Bergnäs – Head of customer relations, Systembolaget
10 employees in the Customer Service.

As Sweden’s only retailer of wine, spirits and beer Systembolaget has two missions: To encourage public health and to provide expert information. A big part of the company’s job is educating people on which drinks best accompany which meals. It’s also the most common question the company’s ten Customer Service advisors get, as well as simple questions on Systembolaget’s own selection.

“We work across virtually all channels, Twitter, Facebook, email and the phone which is still the first choice for most customers,” says Maria Bergnäs. She has worked with Customer Relations at Systembolaget since 2001, supported by Bright since 2002.

Maria Bergnäs is responsible for a team of 8-10 permanent, full-time advisors, as well as a regular pool of employees made up of in-store personnel. At Twitter Systembolaget deals exclusively with food and drink, but on the other channels queries can concern more complex issues like private import orders, where advisors can help create a personal account for customers and locate suppliers for particular products:

“Questions can be about which kind of wine should be served, which grape or region is best, whether it is better to serve wine or beer or maybe an alcohol-free drink. We get questions on every conceivable wining and dining situation. All our staff have to be extremely knowledgeable on food and wine as well as our own product selection.”

Systembolaget uses Bright Index, keeping track of current benchmarks, and Bright Navigator with customer satisfaction surveys. Here every advisor gets individual feedback and the content of every customer conversation is recorded and added to Systembolaget’s impressive internal knowledge bank:

“To really find out how customers experience their call to us we began working on measuring customer satisfaction with Bright Navigator. We see today that we’re achieving relatively high scores in commitment, customer satisfaction and the number of cases we’re solving.”

Every advisor handles 60-70 conversations a day, so most questions are relatively quick to answer. The big challenge right now is handling questions on direct purchase and hone delivery through systembolaget.se. There is an increasingly complex range of issues and tasks to be solved as a Systembolaget advisor.

“The difference between us and a lot of other companies is that our Customer Service staff isn’t aiming to drive any additional sales, but we still absolutely demand that all our customers should be as satisfied as possible with Systembolaget Customer Service. Bright Navigator helps keep us alert. It gives us real-time confirmation of exactly how well we’re managing to interact with our customers and meet their needs.”

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