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Mathias Norderstål, SPP

“Judge staff on the satisfaction of your customers”
Mathias Norderstål – Customer Centre Manager, SPP
20 agents at the Customer Centre.

Insurance provider SPP handles the occupational pensions of over 700,000 Swedes. Pensions is an area often considered complicated, and a little dull. “For us, is very important to developing trust and confidence among our customers. Our greatest challenge is getting them to understand the difficult areas at the same time as talking to those who already have a sound grasp of the field,” explains SPP’s Customer Centre Manager Mathias Norderstål.

Mathias currently oversees 20 agents spread across three small teams, each reporting to their own group manager. Just over three years ago, Mathias was handed the chance to build up SPP’s new Customer Centre from scratch, with five units spread across the nation merging into one central facility based in Stockholm. “Previously, our customer centres had something of a poor status and a low staff turnover.” Once the reorganisation was confirmed, three former employees chose to come to Stockholm to link up with Mathias’ new team. “Today, the Customer Centre is a recruitment platform for SPP as a whole, with staff seeking positions within the company to become internal customer
centre ambassadors,” adds Mathias proudly.

When the new unit began to take shape in September 2011, a range of key performance indicators were assessed. With its renewed focus on the customer, SPP realised the important thing was neither the number of metrics tracked, nor, above all, the number of calls taken by agents day-to day. “SPP’s vision is to have customers that recommend us, which means we have to judge our staff on the satisfaction of our customers.”

In order to assess how satisfied customers really were with the new customer centre, Mathias and his team started using Bright Navigator. “There was no sign of anyone being uncomfortable about the prospect of being judged by the customer, and the team embraced the idea – finally, they had a seal of approval for the quality of their work.”

Results from Bright Navigator are currently used as a basis for individual appraisals, while each team uses the tool to track its performance at group level. “Bright Navigator is part of our day-to-day work, allowing individual agents to track the feedback of the customers they have been in contact with. Even though we don’t measure the volume of calls handled by agents, we gain instant feedback from customers on their perception of waiting times. The customers themselves decide what kind of waiting time is reasonable. Merely tracking calls and waiting times does not guarantee satisfied customers,” he adds.

The customer centre has a target of 87% for customer satisfaction, and with agents receiving ongoing feedback from customers, other areas of the organisation are able to gain valuable information to ensure the company stays faithful to its vision.

"Bright Navigator is easy to use, and using the tool on a daily basis helps create motivation and commitment across the whole group. It helps to underline that we are working in the right way”, adds Mathias.

The SPP Customer Centre scooped the Swedish Customer Service Championship Award in both 2012 and 2013, and Mathias and his team are hoping to repeat the feat in the future. In his role as manager, Mathias faces the challenge of retaining his customer service agents a little longer. Acting as SPP’s new service ambassadors, Customer Centre staff are hot property across the organisation, which, from a company perspective, is a pleasant problem to have.

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