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Merete Eriksson, DinEl

”The problem should be solved in the first call”
Merete Eriksson – Head of Customer Service, DinEl
57 employees in the Customer Service.

DinEl supplies electricity to around 300 000 customers, mainly in Gothenburg but also in other parts of Sweden. 57 people aged between 20 and 62 years work with Customer Service for DinEl, most of them in Trollhättan where Customer Service Head Merete Eriksson is also based.

“Here at DinEl we carry out an annual review using Bright Index and continuously measure customer satisfaction with Bright Navigator. Before our collaboration with Bright we didn’t really know exactly what our customers were thinking. Now it’s the customer who decides if the meeting was successful or not, and in real-time,” says Merete.

"Virtually all calls are followed up, which means a solid base of around 20 000 conversations a month. The follow-ups are always chosen randomly and automatically. In every tenth follow-up call the customer gives their own open comments on the meeting with DinEl. Almost everyone who leaves a comment is positive and it is very valuable for employees to get this direct feedback. It’s so important to understand that every customer is unique," says Merete.

As a public utility company DinEl doesn’t approve of bonuses, other ways have to be found to build motivation for personnel apart from the purely financial. The daily feedback Bright Navigator provides is essential for success. A positive attitude is the most important thing for those handling customers on a daily basis, according to Merete Eriksson:

”Measuring customer satisfaction increases awareness and motivation, you have to be effective, but not pressurized. The customer’s issue really should be solved in the first call if possible.”

DinEl uses Bright Navigator first and foremost to monitor customer satisfaction and measure the proportion of problems solved in the first call. Every employee can see their own results, whilst the head of the unit, naturally, can see everybody’s. A follow-up with the most relevant manager takes place a couple of times a month.

Every existing channel to and from your company has its own unique challenges, explains Merete. She emphasizes that it’s your own outlook and approach to the job that’s most important for successful customer interactions.

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