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Sara Fahlén, Volkswagen Sweden

”A brilliant way of measuring performance”
Sara Fahlén – Customer Service Manager, Volkswagen Sweden
8 employees in the Customer Centre.

“The will to develop is more important than individual performance,” says Sara Fahlén, head of Customer Service for Volkswagen Sweden. Sara’s team of specialists handle everything from fuel consumption to guarantees on the different models of VW Group cars. VW has been using Bright Navigator to monitor and optimize its customer service since 2011.

“Clear guidelines and excellent follow-up are what’s needed to manage and develop good Customer Service,” explains Sara Fahlén. Before 2012 there was no follow up of client interactions, it was difficult to find the right supplier for this:

“There are a lot of companies selling metrics tools, so it’s difficult to get a good overview of the market, especially if you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for. Providing a total solution with the right benchmarks and relevant key indicators is so much more than just supplying a tool.”

Sara is happy to have found Bright Navigator, where customers are asked the right questions in a clear and simple way. VW has complex products; sometimes clients ask a lot of extensive questions and employees need to consult colleagues. It can’t always be guaranteed that customers will find out everything they need to know in the first call. But irrespective of the product the challenges for all Customer Service are the same:

“Only the customer can really tell us what good service is. The relevant benchmarks in Bright Navigator make it easier for every single employee to get ongoing, continuous feedback,” says Sara.

VW Central Support primarily carries out its customer contact via phone, but it also handles questions and queries about the Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW brands via Facebook and email. After the customer interaction is completed a questionnaire is sent out automatically, which gives credibility to the selection and the results.

With Bright Navigator customers get the opportunity to leave their own comments about their meeting with VW. Listening to these can teach you a lot, explains Sara. Customers can experience big differences in the commitment and knowledge shown, depending on who was handling the issue, even if the employee is always doing their best. Some employees are more accurate in their treatment, whilst others may be more open to new challenges.

“Differences between individuals are always going to be there”, says Sara Fahlén. “The important thing isn’t what level you start at, but how high you aim.”

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