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Stefan Evholt, Handelsbanken

"My agents say Bright Navigator is their lifeblood"
Stefan Evholt – Head of Customer Service, Handelsbanken
170 employees in the Customer Centre.

Stefan Evholt is the manager of Handelsbanken’s support unit. His team of 170 employees provide service to the bank’s 2.5 million customers in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Holland, France and the Baltic states. Handelsbanken’s offices, just over 400 in total, are also supported by Stefan’s team in Malmö. All in all, it’s a vast organisation requiring tool to link together employees, managers, and not least, customers. Stefan Evholt chose Bright Navigator.

"I’m part of the furniture at Handelsbanken. I joined the firm 29 years ago, in pretty much the same way as those I recruit today. I’ve been working as a manager for the last 20 years, mainly at various IT units within the bank. In 2011 I took over at customer support, which is known nowadays as the bank’s long-distance meeting place. There, I was given the opportunity to combine customer relations with a modern approach to interacting with the customer."

Stefan’s agents are young, with most having graduated from Lund University and Malmö University. He says the biggest challenge is getting agents up to speed in a short space of time, both on the technical complexities of the bank’s services and the level of service which customers expect to receive.

"We have around 20 agents per coaching supervisor. It’s in this relationship that Bright Navigator really comes into its own for us. It’s an easy tool to work with for agents, between agents and coaches, and even between agents and Handelsbanken as a whole. Our opening hours make it impossible for every manager to meet their agents every day. Bright Navigator helps link us all together."

When Stefan chose Bright Navigator as a development tool to track employee and customer satisfaction at Handelsbanken’s support unit, implementation took place slightly differently.

"Two of our employees, an agent and a recruitment officer, were tasked with overseeing the pilot phase as well as the main roll-out among the entire team. I knew that they had a better insight into the front line of the organisation than those of us higher up. I think this really helped us succeed. It worked out much better than it would have if I’d led the project as manager."

Not only does Bright Navigator function as a coaching tool for employees and managers every day of the year, Stefan Evholt can also personally utilise the information gleaned from both customers and employees to improve and develop Handelsbanken’s support.

"You have to analyse everything. All the time. In a giant workplace with 8,000 employees, there are many opinions on how an organisation should and must be operated. In my capacity as manager of a major unit, Bright Navigator is a tool I can use both in my management group and in relation to other units, in internal projects. It lets me know what our customers really think about a certain area, in relation to the nature of feedback on our service in Sweden as a whole. It gives me invaluable support. When, after a few years with Bright Navigator, we asked the staff if we should consider looking at other solutions, there was an outcry. ‘Don’t take away our lifeblood!’ they shouted. I understood entirely. It’s a transparent tool with no secrets which is perfect for my organisation."

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