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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Do you know what your customers are thinking about your company?

Customer satisfaction surveys in Bright Navigator enables your customers to issue feedback directly after the interaction. They also have the opportunity to tell how likely it is that they will recommend your company to anyone else (NPS®). You and your employees then gain access to the customer’s comments, in real-time, making it easier to deliver excellent service to each individual customer. Every day. Every month. Every year.

Bright Navigator’s customer module provides objective, ongoing reporting right down to an individual level. It enables managers to give direct feedback to their teams based on the experiences of your customers when dealing with your company. In order to work efficiently and structured with coaching sessions we provide Bright Coaching, an online platform designed to empower both managers and employees with tools for effective feedback and follow-ups.

Obtaining customer feedback creates excellent opportunities to boost sales, engage customers in product development and forge loyalty by systematically following up customer experience. In many companies, all too often, customer feedback fails to make it beyond the point at which it is provided. As a part of Bright Navigator, Bright Loyalty System is designed to support a working method whereby the right people within the company know exactly what they need to do to improve customer experience.

As a web-based solution, Bright Navigator doesn’t need to be integrated into your company’s other IT systems, and since the customer module is not dependent on a specific channel, you can monitor customer contact whether it takes place in shops, by telephone or online. You are free to collect your customers’ comments using the channel which suits you best – choose between e-mail, telephone, text messaging, online or multi-links. Bright is also licensed for Net Promoter Score® (NPS) and performs NPS surveys.

The Bright Navigator customer satisfaction module offers unparalleled flexibility – both for you and your customers. Your customers can provide feedback after contact with your company, regardless of how or where the meeting takes place. Feedback is issued in the most effective method for each channel. This gives you and your employees the opportunity to identify the gaps between customers’ expectations and the service your company is actually delivering. The module’s reporting system can be fully customised in line with the measurements specifically identified for your company, allowing you and your employees to deliver the level of service your customers expect.

Our customers agree on the following benefits: increased loyalty, shorter turnaround times, more cases resolved, improved sales and reduced employee turnover.

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Helena Frennmark

”A brilliant way of measuring performance”

Sara Fahlén
Customer Service Manager
Volkswagen Sweden

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